Sarmila Story

Child Story Nepal

Story of Sarmila Tamang, Rasuwa

Date of Birth: 2067/11/18 Nepali, (English 2011/March/2)

Name of Father: Bal Bahadur Tamang, Dead in Earthquake, 2015 April 25,
Name of Mother: Chandra Maya Tamang, Dead in Earthquake, 2015 April 25

Permanent Place: Dandagaun-8, Karumarang, Rasuwa, Bagmati State

Earthquake of 2015 April 25 brought very big change in Sarmila’s life. She was playing in home when violent shaking of the house was started. Her house started to crumbled to the ground with dust smoke rising from the rubble. She was taken out of the door by her granny but her little sister, Hissi Dolma, who was 11 months old then, was still there, not in the house but now in the rubble. She was hung in the basket for sleep, but when house collapsed, nobody knew where she is. When shaking stop, poor little girl was seen lying in the dust unmovable. Granny picked up, and yes she was breathing. She was alive.

Sarmila sitting in the middle, Tulamaya and Ashishma in the Lap, Photo 2015

Granny, thought, Oh what happen to Sarmila’s father and mother, they were high in the mountain cliff gathering the woods for cooking? They were buried in the landslide; only pieces of the clothes and flip-flop were found.

Sarmila, grew up in Dandagaun, remote village in Rasuwa. She never saw the crowd in the market place or vehicle. She has never seen the town and television. When she was first taken to the clothing store, she do not know what to do or how to pick up the clothes. She is so shy that she rejects all types of clothes, but accepts happily when you give her anything. She is obedient. Today, she likes to visit market and see cars pass by.

When Tulamaya, first wife of Bal Bahadur, heard Nepal Earthquake in middle east, she flew to Nepal, to Dandagaun, to meet her son. She saw Sarmila and Hissi Dolma, and she was filled with compassion, because they were hungry, naked and crying without their biological father and mother, she took care of them. Tulamaya and all other village people were forced to new location for safety, left their birth place, Dandagaun, and moved to Betrawati, and Sarmila and Hissi Dolma with her and stayed in tent to this day. Their future is uncertain.

Reuben met all the village people in newly located tent village during the food distribution and he was deeply moved by their story when he learned about Tulamaya and the Children and promised them to help as best as he can.

Sarmila and other kids were aditted to the School, which is 25-minute walk from her tent home. Her School name is Model Trinity School and she is reading in LKG, Lower Kindergarten. She likes to play with her sister Hissi Dolma, (Her name is changed to Ashisma after the Earthquake). She brings water in small Jar to help their Mom (Tulamaya) cook food. She takes biscuits to the School as lunch box. She likes all kinds of fruits and sweets.

When asked her what she wants to become in future, she smiles and says ‘I don’t know’. She has been adopted by Reuben in 2018, and Sarmila has been transferred to Orphanage where other children are already there.

Sarmila Rai today is happy, healthy and heighty and weighty and most beautiful girl in the world. She is reading in class 4 now and she has been rejoined with Ashishma now and both lives happily.
Thank you so much for your support. Your support has helped, a childlike, Sarmila find a home, go to school, eat food, get clothing and most importantly love, changing a life once at a time.

You can send gifts of cards and photos, or toys to Sarmila in this address.

For Sarmila Tamang

Prepared by Reuben

2020 Sept 22