Help Orphans Children of Nepal Celebrate Christmas

This is a Children Program and it is going to be awesome, life experience and memorable. Our sponsored Children lives in four different centers of Nepal, and this is the occasion where they get to know each other and make friendship for life. These orphans are supported by their sponsors for food, education and housing, but special event like Christmas there is going to be extra expenses.

The Family Gathering of the Children of the King

Title of the program is ‘The Family gathering of the Children of the King’. We don’t say to them orphan anymore because they have the best parents (sponsor) in the world. They are not alone. Just as Christ has bought us with his own blood and made us his own, these children has been chosen by their sponsor to live a better life. Just as Jesus wants every one of his children to live an abundant life, our sponsor has done the best to help these children live a better life. Its a family reunion where every child is valued.

Highlights of the Gathering

The gathering has a purpose, its not simply a gathering. It is a full of package program for mental, physical and spiritual growth of the Children.

  • Dance
  • Bible Quiz
  • Songs
  • Drama
  • Carol Songs
  • Picture Drawing
  • Photo session
  • Motivation message
  • Praying for sponsors
  • Love gifts to the older students who will no longer be supported
  • Kathmandu Sightseeing

Saying Good By

We say good buy to older students who finishes their school level study, class 10, and will go off to study in College. This event is the opportunity to say thank you for the sponsor, share their valuable personal life lesson, and motivate younger ones to be good child of God and be thankful to God for everything. They will not be supported unless sponsor wishes to continue.

Why is it important?

We would like to give the Children a good memories. When they meet with their fellow sponsored friends they will take that memory for life and produces motivation to do better in their life in future. When they make friends that makes their life easier and share their prayers with each other. Loneliness brings depression and depression causes people to commit suicide. Each child is priceless and God has plan and purpose for each of them in the future. We help them find their purpose in God.


Transportation: We have 30 Children, some live close and some live far, 14 hour bus drive to reach Kathmandu. There will be kids coming from other centers. They will have bus reserve for Kathmandu to be with us in the gathering. During the event we take them for prayer walk and sightseeing in Chandragiri cable car hill station, Monkey Temple, Shopping Mall, and to some World Heritage Sites.

Food: 30 Children will be staying together for 3 Nights and 4 Days in Kathmandu and their local caretaker and other staffs make it 35 people in the Camping. Staffs would help cook, help kids stay clean and check all kids are safe 24 hours.

Accommodation: Children will have good accommodation with hot water and sleep in secure environment. We make sure they are safe. Apart from the sponsored Child we will not be able to accept other child that we don’t know personally.

Needed amount

One child need USD$ 90 for Transportation round trip, transportation of sightseeing, Food and for Accommodation. There will be 30 Children and 5 staffs, making total of 35 people for 3 Nights & 4 Days in Kathmandu.

We need 250k NPR for the Gathering of Children of the King program. Monthly support is not used here and this has to be a separate fund.

Extra blessing

It is our wish to treat children as best as we can. We would like to see them be like Children of the King, a Royal Child. We want them to have good dress up this Christmas and I believe the sponsor help them.

Loving Children is Loving God and obeying his commandment. 1 John 5:2

Thank you from Reuben