This was our Christmas

God’s richest blessing to you and to your loved ones there. I am so happy to bring to you an update of the Children of the King Christmas Gathering 2020 from Nepal. I am so honor to bring this Orphan Children Christmas Update to your inbox. I believe you will have some time to read this out.

We traveled from Kathmandu early morning on 22 Dec 2020 via Sindhuli Road. On the exit check point we were stopped by the Anti Women and Children trafficking group. We were asked to pull over. They held us for 45 minutes and asked us so many questions. They were not willing to let us go, so they called relatives of Children and cross-checked the situation. After submitting all papers and IDs, they let us go.

Most of the Children became sick on the way and did not eat anything. Road has many ups and downs with turning, but when we finish the turning and reach the plain area, all children sleep in the car. We stopped in the Nepal’s biggest river and the children were surprised to see the water. They asked me if this was ocean.

Kathmandu Children taking photographs of the Sapta Koshi River on the way to Christmas Children Camp in Urlabari.

Children from Kathmandu had never seen the plain area and the big river, all the the saw was the Himalaya and the mountain. It was an adventure to them. When we reached the orphanage, it was already dark. All Children were tired. But seeing each other from Kathmandu, Rasuwa, Makwanpur and Urlabari, children were very happy to meet each other. They immediately hang out with each other and start to make friends. For the very first time, orphanage homes show so many Children sleeping at the same time. All rooms were occupied. We had dinner and night devotion and rest. This was day 1 on 22 Dec 2020.

Making New Friends: Jyoti from Rasuwa, Yasika from Urlabri, Manisha from Kathmandu and Malati from Makwanpur and little girl Ashishma practice Christmas Song together in Orphanage

We had early morning devotion. I shared with them why we were here and why you are chosen by the sponsor to be here. All Children were very excited to be there, including the worship team and the cook. We had breakfast and Rosana served well. We practiced songs, dances, and did shopping for the program. Kids did hang out with each other. It was like meeting a long lost friend.

Rosana prepared breakfast for the Children and now serving

After lunch on 23 December, we headed towards the amusement park. Children enjoyed it so much that I could hear happy chirping. It was very difficult to control them. We did boat rides and watched lots of smaller animals. At the sun set, we join the Christmas carol with good food. When we returned to the hostel, it was 9pm, we had a night prayer meeting and thanked the Lord for the day and went to bed. It was Day 2 on 23 Dec 2020.

Morning Devotion in the Orphanage

All the Children who became sick by traveling, they have become fresh now. We gathered at 5:30am in the Meeting room for devotion. All the Children, smaller and bigger, were so excited for the day. It was going to be a program day.

We had a nice breakfast and then headed to the program hall. I asked each child to make a beautiful Merry Christmas drawing for the sponsor. Which they did.

Children making their best Christmas drawing for their sponsor to say thank you for the support.

After the drawing, I separated each group, Kathmandu, Rasuwa, Makwanpur and Urlabari for the Bible Quiz. I asked them 26 questions on different topics like which is the longest verse of the Bible, what is the latest height of Mount Everest, how many chapters in Genesis and so and so, but mostly from the Bible. Urlabari center responded correctly to many answers. We had a very good lunch and I could see Children talking about miss-telling the wrong answer and missing the point. They promise they will do good next time.

Each Child prayed for their respective Sponsor and they are grateful for the Sponsor. They prayed for more blessing in the life of their sponsor.

During the afternoon period, all Children prayed for their sponsors, all of them turn by turn. Even the smallest one uttered the voice and prayed. Children perform dance in between the prayer and they loved to dance and others loved to watch them dance.

At the sun set, we took a break. Our music team performed Jesus birthday songs and everybody was on their feet dancing and jumping and rejoicing. It was really a great time to celebrate and be happy.

Dance in the Children of the King Christmas Camp Nepal 2020

We ate roasted Pork as our dinner and spent some time in prayer and worshiping our Lord and we headed to our bed. It was day 3 on 24 Dec 2020.

Early morning on 25th Christmas, we gather in a meeting room, spend time in devotion and I speak to them from the word of God saying our life will be brighter if we continue to walk with Jesus.

Reuben Rai giving motivation speech to Children during the Christmas Camp

We had breakfast of Pasta, Pancakes and Milk. Everybody wore nice clothes on Christmas Day and was ready to perform their songs and dances. We took a group photo, one with casual clothes with everybody and other ones with uniforms with only the Children we have been taking care of.

Reuben with the Children in front of the orphanage building that he is taking care of through the generous help of Partners for Nepal

Then we headed to the Christmas program. We invited blind, older people and sick people. We wished them Merry Christmas and showed our dances to them and gave them very nice food. We invited neighbors as well and gave them food and we sang ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas, -2,.

Nice Pulau Rice for the Children in the Children Christmas Camp
Children were scared to go near to this artificial Dinosaur. This Dinosaur was moving and making big sound and the smaller kids were terrified, was good moment to spend a day.

After the late lunch, we went to Fun Park. There were four big cars full of people. We had light dinner and spent time worshiping the Lord in night devotion. Christmas is over but there is the last adventure day tomorrow. It was day 4 on 25 Dec 2020.

All the Children were gathered in the meeting room at 6:30am, it was day 4 on 26 Dec 2020. We had breakfast and headed to the Tea Garden at the top of the Mountain for Prayer. We spend some time praying in the mountain just like Jesus did. At the ending point, we took a group photo and ate dry food together and headed back to the orphanage.

Mountain Prayer and Tea Garden visit. Children took lots of photos here as a memory. The place was beautiful.
Devotion Time

We had BBQ on the night of 26 Dec 2020. We had 25 kg of fine pork meat and 10 kg of Chicken meat for those who preferred not to eat pork. We had a bonfire in the night and roasted the Pork and Chicken, all those meat were consumed by our lovely 35 Children.

Before we went to bed, we had our last devotion together. But Children won’t sleep until 2am. They were all talking and talking.

Yashika said, when we had to clean and prepare an orphanage for making spaces, I feel that no one should come. Now I am so happy that I can say that no one should go.

Merry Christmas Group Photo of our Children

Akriti said, I feel like crying, I don’t want to go.

Malati said I have never been to this type of Christmas gathering before. I feel so good.

All they said in one voice was that they want to come back here for next Christmas. I told them I will have to talk to the sponsors about this, if they say yes, we will. So for now good morning and good night (because it was 2am).

Departure Day:

Kathmandu team and Makwanpur team were in the same bus for the home. Children were very glad that they were there for Christmas with each other. Rasuwa team followed after that. What a day, what a moment to cherish.

Christmas Camp clips from Orphanage in Nepal. Watch what they perform and listen what they say. Thank you to everyone who helped and participated.

Thanks be to God for enabling us to come together. Thanks be to all the Sponsors for making this event possible, blessed and successful.

All glory to God.

Made by Reuben

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