Sponsor Isaac Guvaju

Here’s the amazing gift you are giving to a child when you sponsor them:


  • School tuition per month: $11
  • School transportation per year: $26
  • 2 pairs of uniforms: $21
  • Shoes, socks, belts: $21
  • Books and bags: $31
  • Exam fees per year: $34
  • Registration per year: $25



Isaac is a sweet and kind little boy. He is pictured above in front of his tin and concrete home, given as a gift to him and his family after they lost their home in the earthquake. Reuben met Isaac’s mother, Parvati, while visiting earthquake victims in the hospital. Parvati had lost both of her legs in the disaster, and Isaac lost most of his left foot. You can read Reuben’s blogpost on her and Isaac’s story here. 

Isaac’s father quit his manual labor job in the Middle East and flew to Nepal to be with his family. He is now a car driver in Kathmandu.

Your support will help Isaac’s future remain bright an provide an incredible encouragement to his mother and father.

Favorite thing to do: Play soccer, race his bike

When I Grow Up: I want to be a policeman

Favorite Subject: Science

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