My husband Bryce and I were very interested to see Nepal

My husband Bryce and I were very interested to see Nepal and the work that Reuben does with his ministry,
so we went over for a one month trip that Reuben helped us plan too.
I had been over on a Teens Mission trip ten years prior so was very eager to go back and see what it was like as an adult,
and for my husband, it was his very first time.
While in Kathmandu we stayed with Reuben’s wife Rita and two older kids who picked us up from the airport and gave us tips on the area.
We got to see the real Nepal too, not just Kathmandu, and it was very kind of Reuben to let us stay at his orphanage in Urlabari.
The children were really happy to play with us and show us how to help out, especially when harvesting the rice.
Junu who looked after the children most of the time was so giving, an excellent cook and looked after us very well.
We traveled to Domukha a few times to see and help out with Reuben’s brother’s church and also visited their parents for two night in the jungle.
Everywhere you look Reuben, his family and church community are looking after many people and spreading God’s word.
An example is with his football team “Church Boys” who have rocketed up in their game play, spreading the good news while they rise.
And again, during our stay, Reuben had to rush off to give aid to a family who’s whole house burned down, delivering them food and aid.

Thank you for all that you do, we are so happy to support your good works in Nepal!
Juliet and Bryce Johnston